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Who is watching whom?

As we have reached the end of 2010, and the first half of the latest school year, I am trying to get my ideas into some sort of order.  At the suggestion of a few people (@shannoninottawa and @barbaram), I have decided to make a concerted effort to use put my thought on education, learning, and leadership to paper. Okay not really paper, but yuo get my point.

This is not the first time I have tried to blog. There was the deliberately satirical bog about my dog (http://beastor.blogspot.com/), an early school focused blog (http://gci4u.blogspot.com/), and an failed attempt at commenting on teaching (http://hale.edublogs.org/).  The satirical blog and the school base blog were designed for specific puroposes which were achieved.  Unfortunately, the edublog never really achieved what I wanted it to.  the failure I suppose is because I did not put in the time to make it work.  So here I go once again attempting to create the second web presence of myself that gives me a chance to comment on the job I do and how I do it (or could do it).  I have successfully used web sites with students in the past, but a recent article I read on twitter suggests having a second site which is separate from the site used to provide info to students and parents.

Pooky Hesmondhalgh 

@CreativeEduPooky Hesmondhalgh
Why Every Teacher Should Have Two Websites | The Creative Education Bloghttp://ow.ly/3stu4#UKEdChat#EdChat
Also, after spending the last two months reading more blogs thanks to some great people on Twitter, I have a better understanding of the power of open communication created through blogs.
Somebody recently told me that blogging should be a New Year’s resolution/gift to myself.  I am going to take her up on this suggestion and make time to get my thoughts out there.  So, at the end of December, this is both an ending and a beginning.
See you in the blogosphere!

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