Connected Learning

I try to spend part of each teaching day staying connected with other teachers through various means such as Twitter and the ECNing because it is important to grow as an educator.  This evening a friend called to pick my brain about some Independent Learning and Critical Inquiry ideas he wants to use in his class.  We talked about what he is doing and how he is already seeing changes in how his students are reacting to their own learning through the class blog.  We talked about some good books he might want to look at as next steps for his own growth, like Jim Burke’s What’s the Big Idea? .   Then our call made a sudden shift; we went from talking about learning on the phone to co-creating and editing some work on Prezi.  Suddenly our chat about learning turned in to active collaboration.  After we finished our chat/collaboration, I checked my Twitter feed to discover this:

 Alec Couros 

@courosaAlec Couros
Presenting a workshop on learning networks at a conference in Hawaii. Please say hi, let us know where you’re from, why plns important.

How fortuitous that this posting would appear.  PLN’s are the most important part of my professional growth. Yes they occur with people in my school and in my board, but increasingly they are occurring with people all over the globe.  My classroom is not just room 123; its doors are open to so much more now.


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