A Day In the Chair

I spent the day in the VP chair, something I enjoy doing because it gives me a different perspective on the school in which I work.  Every time I am the VP Designate I am reminded of how hard that job is and how few teachers actually understand that fact. Even though the list of responsibilities left for me today focused on talking to kids who have been skipping or who need help getting ready for exams, I seemed to spend the entire day running after kids who were making poor choices and helping teachers, support staff, and parents solve a myriad of issues.  Occasionally every teacher feels he or she is at the breaking point and they want help NOW.  I get that; I ‘ve been there too.  But did I really appreciate the help I receive from my Admin team? Probably not every day.  Nor do I always remember how challenging some students can be for some teachers.  The work that VPs (and Ps) put in every day goes far beyond what I experience on my occasional stints in the office, so I am grateful for the incredible job done by these school leaders.