To Everything There Is a Season

I created this video on to show my students what they can do to illuminate a text.  While I was originally really impressed with the site and its possibilities in the classroom, I am not sure if is not just more hype.  Anyway, check out the video based on the poetic theme of the Cycle of Life. The images are all stock from Animoto, but the text is from Ecclesiastes, To Every Thing There is a Season.

To Everything There Is a Season.



Hello world!

Who is watching whom?

As we have reached the end of 2010, and the first half of the latest school year, I am trying to get my ideas into some sort of order.  At the suggestion of a few people (@shannoninottawa and @barbaram), I have decided to make a concerted effort to use put my thought on education, learning, and leadership to paper. Okay not really paper, but yuo get my point.

This is not the first time I have tried to blog. There was the deliberately satirical bog about my dog (, an early school focused blog (, and an failed attempt at commenting on teaching (  The satirical blog and the school base blog were designed for specific puroposes which were achieved.  Unfortunately, the edublog never really achieved what I wanted it to.  the failure I suppose is because I did not put in the time to make it work.  So here I go once again attempting to create the second web presence of myself that gives me a chance to comment on the job I do and how I do it (or could do it).  I have successfully used web sites with students in the past, but a recent article I read on twitter suggests having a second site which is separate from the site used to provide info to students and parents.

Pooky Hesmondhalgh 

@CreativeEduPooky Hesmondhalgh
Why Every Teacher Should Have Two Websites | The Creative Education Blog
Also, after spending the last two months reading more blogs thanks to some great people on Twitter, I have a better understanding of the power of open communication created through blogs.
Somebody recently told me that blogging should be a New Year’s resolution/gift to myself.  I am going to take her up on this suggestion and make time to get my thoughts out there.  So, at the end of December, this is both an ending and a beginning.
See you in the blogosphere!